Lunch Route DeSmet

11:00 AM:  Bus arrives at DeSmet School to load lunches and pick up helpers.

11:15 AM:  Depart DeSmet School

11:20 AM:  Arrive Training Drive

11:30 AM:  Depart Training Drive (Students will have 10 minutes to pick up lunches.)

11:37 AM:  Arrive Marvin’s (Bus will depart at 11:40 AM)

11:50 AM:  Arrive Red Fern Park

12:00 PM:  Depart Red Fern Park (Students will have 10 minutes to pick up lunches.)

12:05 PM:  Arrive Upper Gooden/Keil

12:10 PM:  Arrive Lower Gooden/Keil

12:13 PM:  Arrive McCarther Lane

-Bus will service Butler Creek students between 12:14 PM and 12:20 PM.  Students would need to be waiting at their regular bus stop between these times.

12:20 PM:  Arrive LaFamille (Turn Around)